Today’s Menu: Game-Changing Plant-Based Smoothies

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Many people are now becoming more meticulous when it comes to the foods and drinks that they consume. This is why several diet programs have continued to emerge, causing a lot of individuals to transition to a healthy and clean-eating lifestyle.

One of the most apparent and popular diets today is the plant-based regimen. This is different from the vegan way of eating but shares many similarities.

In a vegan diet, meats and all products from animals are totally eliminated. Meanwhile, in a plant-based way of eating, some meats may still be present but the focus is more on the plant-produced goods.

Plant-Based Drinks and Beverages

In a plant-based diet, you will notice that there is not much of a difference when it comes to the drinks and beverages. More often than not, the only ones that are discouraged are milk, processed fruit drinks, and carbonated sodas.

This means that the options for drinks and beverages are still wide. But, considering that a plant-based diet comes with an emphasis on the “plant” aspect, followers of the regimen should consume those that are natural and organic.

Accordingly, the drinks that are highly encouraged include water, tea, nut-based drinks, soy milk, oat milk, and freshly-squeezed fruit juices.

But, of course, some individuals are still looking for other options, and this is where the plant-based smoothies come in.

Apart from being highly nutritious and “plant-based,” these smoothies can replace any light meal, like breakfast bowls. This is the reason why many people prefer to learn several recipes of plant-based smoothies.

If you are looking for the same choices, this post may help you out.

Game-Changing Plant-Based Smoothies

Here are the top seven game-changing plant-based smoothies that are quick and very easy to do every single day. No need for complicated ingredients as these drinks all only require fresh and easy-to-obtain goods.

Matcha Mint

Matcha mint smoothie is a refreshing beverage that brings a unique taste to your morning or afternoon. It is rich in antioxidants, and may even replace your daily dose of caffeine.

The ingredients needed for this smoothie are bananas, baby spinach, honey, mint leaves, and matcha powder. Depending on your preference, you may adjust the amount of each per glass or bowl.

Gather and prepare all the ingredients, alongside water and ice cubes. Ensure to chop and slice some of the fruits and greens before placing them on the blender.

Beet Citrus

A pre-workout smoothie? The Beet Citrus may become your “go-to” as what many plant-based eaters recommend. This is because beets are rich in nitrates, which are found to be beneficial in a person’s endurance during workout sessions.

All you need to have is a small beet, but pre-cooked it before blending it with the other ingredients. Add some grated ginger, peeled blood orange, and squeezed orange juice.

Add more ice for a much colder smoothie.

Chocolate Silken Tofu

This smoothie is perfect for a plant-based diet. This comes as tofu is one of the main protein sources in this regimen.

But, instead of the conventional tofu, this drink will need silken tofu for the added creaminess. It is worth noting that this type is undrained and unpressed, and you will notice the difference.

Apart from a fourth of a cup of silken tofu, this smoothie also requires bananas, Reishi Elixir, cocoa powder, and cashews. You may add other spices, too, depending on your taste preferences.

Mango Ginger Kale

Looking for greens? This smoothie is an ideal choice for your early morning or afternoon snacks.

If you want a smooth yet not overly creamy drink, sweet but not too much, green-loaded beverage but masks the flavors well, then you should try the Mango Ginger Kale smoothie.

You will only need kale, mango, peaches, ginger, and lemons or limes. You may also add maple syrup, which is to taste. For a much gingerier flavor, make it two tablespoons of minced ginger instead of one.

Coconut Mango

Want to make your smoothie a little farther from usual? Use coconut water as your base!

This smoothie is a perfect addition to your plant-based diet. Aside from being nutritious and healthy, the mixture of two exotic fruits is bursting with flavors as they complement each other.

All you need to have to make this smoothie are mango, banana, coconut water, and shredded coconut. You will also want to include a few drops of vanilla extract.

Peanut Butter Banana Green

Peanut butter is one of the most common foods in a plant-based diet. It is very flexible as you can utilize it in almost every type of consumable.

Whether it may be a meal, a snack, or a drink, peanut butter complements nearly all; and in this smoothie, this is the main ingredient.

Alongside peanut butter, this smoothie needs bananas, spinach, and spirulina. Add blueberries and cauliflower, as well.

Other ingredients include maca powder, ashwagandha, and hemp seeds. For the base, use dairy-free milk.

This is the perfect choice of a smoothie if you are looking for a sweet, peanut buttery, and creamy drink.

Creamy Golden Milk

Golden milk is a popular drink, especially among health enthusiasts. But, prior to today, it is a traditional beverage from India that has roots in Ayurveda.

The simplest form of the drink only involves ground turmeric and hot milk. But, as more people try and enjoy this, more spices are added to enhance or change the flavor.

For the smoothie type, you will need bananas, ground turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and black pepper. For the base, you may choose either coconut milk or almond milk.

For additional spices and flavors, you may add carrot juice and ground clove, and cardamom. These are optional, though, so be sure to taste them beforehand before adding them into the blend.

The Bottom Line

Aside from saving resources and unnecessary wastes to the environment, a plant-based diet is very beneficial to your health. This is why more and more people are changing their way of eating and lifestyle into this kind of regimen.

If you are about to start your journey, or you are already living it and just looking for much wider options, these smoothies are very ideal for you.

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